Nikon F: The Original

I got this original Nikon F (circa 1959/60) just over a year ago, it was my dad’s and it’s seen some rough times but it still fires perfectly, it really does live up to it’s nickname “Hockeypuck”, even with that dent in the prism it’s unaffected. This was the base model of what was the first SLR camera in Orbit, NASA had several modifications and versions of tis camera, it was also the most commonly used camera by photo journalists in the Vietnam War.

I’ve taken tons of photos with it but never a good photo of it, there’s too much character in it to ignore, and those hard sharp edges are brutally perfect, so here’s the shots taken at home. Twin lights, shot on black perspex and also matt white paper, shot as seen, I couldn’t even justify cleaning it, it looks better as it is.