Glasgow During Covid 19 Lockdown.

During the strangest days of recent history I was fortunate enough to be able to safely take my daily exercise walking from my house to heading through the city centre of Glasgow. These are some of the photos from a silent city, the silver lining is apparent in the ability to see and take photos of some of the nicest buildings in the world without the distraction of cars and people.

FIREWORKS! Bonfire night in Glasgow

As always the fireworks in Glasgow Green were fantastic. Colourful explosions in the sky! It’s always hit or miss with these sort of things, the weather plays a huge part, ideally you want a pleasant evening but a bit of wind is always welcome to blow away the smoke because after the first few you then have a haze to compete with but at the same time you at least get nice blue and pink smoke if you time it correctly.

Remember The Snow

Now that we’re in the middle of the heatwave and it’s hotter than ever with nobody talking about climate change I thought I’d share some photos from March 2018 when the Beast From The East hit Glasgow the town came to a stop under the snow. Taken on 35mm Film with my Nikon F.

Abandoned Botanic Gardens Train Station

A recent visit to the Botanic Gardens Train Station which has been long abandoned since 1939. The building above became a venue which then burned down in 1970. The platforms and railway tunnels still exist but the rails are no longer there, it looks like something from an apocalypse movie with light coming through two open sections in the roof leading up to the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow’s west end. The train station is a bit of a “must do” for the modern urban explorer in the central belt of Scotland and is a regular place for graffiti artists to frequent.

Newtonmore Landscape

Photos from a few days around Aviemore and Newtonmore in the highlands of Scotland. Amazing dark sky at night awarded me with some brilliant photos of the stars and the varied and slightly random Scottish weather had blue sky and sun followed by dark overcast clouds so there was plenty of different views of the landscape.

No Pretty City | Urban Streetwear Photoshoot

I’ve been taking some photos for the No Pretty City website, still stocking their classic t-shirts and more importantly adding a new range to the collection they will be at the Urbuhn Avenue Sneaker, Streetwear, and Lifestyle Convention tomorrow at the SEC in Glasgow. If you see the guys at the No Pretty City stall tell them Richie sent you and you’ll be sure to get a special deal.

If you can’t make it over tomorrow visit and use discount code URBUHN10

Nikon F: The Original

I got this original Nikon F (circa 1959/60) just over a year ago, it was my dad’s and it’s seen some rough times but it still fires perfectly, it really does live up to it’s nickname “Hockeypuck”, even with that dent in the prism it’s unaffected. This was the base model of what was the first SLR camera in Orbit, NASA had several modifications and versions of tis camera, it was also the most commonly used camera by photo journalists in the Vietnam War.

I’ve taken tons of photos with it but never a good photo of it, there’s too much character in it to ignore, and those hard sharp edges are brutally perfect, so here’s the shots taken at home. Twin lights, shot on black perspex and also matt white paper, shot as seen, I couldn’t even justify cleaning it, it looks better as it is.

First Light Test: Interfit Honey Badger Unleashed

I managed to finally take delivery of my Interfit Honey Badger Unleashed Flash Heads, I’ve been pushed for time this week but last night I finally got them opened and setup. Amazing bit of kit for the price, a lithium powered fully portable set of lights with TTL and HSS included, fantastic.

I then realised I had nothing exciting to photograph but from a recent walk around The Barras in Glasgow’s East End I picked up some old cash notes from a few different countries along with some random coins and an old red Elastoplast tin. So with all that I ended up just shooting a Jack Daniels hip flask that I’ve never even really looked at up until now.

Riverside Museum Skateboarding

I was a boarder when I was younger and I was less than average in the skill department but I still love skateboarding.

Skateboarding in Glasgow is huge, the best part is the age of the boarders, there’s no limit on it, you see lots of teenagers in the skate parks but if you look outside the usual areas there are a group of slightly older boarders who seem more comfortable in the street style area of the sport.

I saw these guys yesterday evening. Amazing stuff!

Skateboarder at the Riverside Museum, Glasgow
Skateboarder at the Riverside Museum, Glasgow
Skateboarder at the Riverside Museum, Glasgow

Kingston Bridge Long Exposures

A bit freezing to be standing around taking longe exposures while wearing shorts but I was cycling home with my camera and tripod in my bag so I stopped on the bridge over the famous River Clyde in Glasgow to try some photos of the traffic. I wasn’t there long but these came out great.

Motorway Freeway Kingston Bridge Lights Long Exposure Glasgow Scotland
Kingstone Bridge Long Exposure of traffic, Glasgow
Kingstone Bridge Long Exposure of traffic, Glasgow

Winter Sun at Lunchtime

Out for a walk at lunch today, the days are so short just now that you only get a few hours light but the sun is so low that at lunch the light runs directly north up the busy streets in Glasgow City Centre, this gives extreme bright areas and very dark shadows so you can get a great foreground to background contrast.

The streets and alleys crossing east to west are all in the shadows this time of year, you can get some interesting settings. This image below was not staged, I just got lucky with two guys walking in opposite directions, it immediately felt like a movie scene so I edited it in post to change the colour to a dark cinematic style.

A lucky photo, these guys didn’t know each other, it just had a cinematic feel.

Fog Hit Glasgow Today

A bizarre bit of weather hit Glasgow today, fog so thick you couldn’t see far at all. It made for some amazing photos. These were all hand help shots, I didn’t have my tripod with me but having to shoot at a faster exposure actually worked out better I think. The first image here reminds me of a horror movie VHS cover from the 80’s.

Lorca, Spain

We drove to a town in Spain today called Lorca, a proper mix of ancient Spain and modern Spain, we visited some old churches and even a castle on a hill but I was more taken by the character of the small tight streets with all sorts of buildings in various conditions.

Black and White photo of a street in Lorca, Spain.
Black and White of a street in Lorca, Spain.
Classic Bright White and Yellow Buildings in Lorca, Spain.
Classic Buildings in Lorca, Spain.
Cobbled Street in Lorca, Spain
Cobbled Street in Lorca, Spain

Amazing Sky tonight in Spain

We’re currently in Spain, we’re down the south east in a town called Antas, amazing place for some photographs obviously but tonight the sky was bright orange and the hills looked purple, then an hour later the sky was thunderous with some wild looking clouds. A great time to have the tripod set up on the balcony.

Storm Clouds in Spain, Antas
Storm Clouds in Spain
Church On The Hill, Antas, Spain
Church On The Hill, Antas, Spain

Glasgow Fire, Victoria’s Nightclub, Sauchiehall Street

I walked up Sauchiehall Street on my way to work on Thursday morning, there were fire fighters walking around a building and a couple coming out of a shop, it seemed to be nothing serious or even a false alarm. Two hours later the building which has a few shops and Victoria’s Nightclub was fully engulfed in flames, the street was blocked off and there were fire fighters everywhere. I posted some photos to social media and the public relations department contacted me to ask if they could use some of my photos, nice to be of help to our emergency services in any way possible so obviously I gave them free reign to use them at their leisure.

Glasgow Firefighter on the day Victoria's on Sauchiehall Street burned down.
Glasgow Firefighter on the day Victoria’s on Sauchiehall Street burned down.
My photo on the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service website.
Firefighter at Victoria's Nightclub
Firefighter at Victoria’s Nightclub
Glasgow Firefighter on the day Victoria's on Sauchiehall Street burned down.
Glasgow Firefighter on the day Victoria’s on Sauchiehall Street burned down.